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Amplifier DK Audio TP 20

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Công nghệ TD thế hệ mới nhất có thể hoạt động tốt ở mọi mức tải, đáp ứng tần số đầu ra ngay lập tức

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Precise rectification and maintain a stable voltage to ensure that even in the supply voltage of a significant decline in the time is still able to meet the full power output and no distortion of the sound. It integrates the efficiency of class D power amplifier with the pure tone quality of class B amplifier. The audio signal has been in a state of simulation, without entering the high frequency switching part of the circuit, and the ripple effect of the filter is avoided.

The adjustable gain makes the best performance of any input signal. According to different types of load optimal output characteristics. High efficiency and uniform cooling: to increase the heat dissipation area from the two variable speed fan. The output member is mounted in a horizontal installation with respect to the heat dissipating airflow in order to achieve the purpose of uniform cooling.

Secure circuit protection features: output DC, short circuit, durable high frequency signal (VHF), and open circuit. In addition, the average power limit (PAL) monitors the current relationship between the power output and the power input, limiting the current when necessary to prevent the phenomenon of audio interruption.

The latest generation of TD technology can work well in all of the load, the output frequency response immediately in the low load to 2 euro is still flat output. Output can be bridged, high reliability, and there is no problem of radio frequency interference. The high efficiency of the power amplifier can be in the output of high power while minimizing the requirements of heat, while the sound quality is still AB class. Designed for large concerts, tours, theaters and other professional use, not only has the super stability, but also has a high fidelity sound quality!