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Amplifier VUE Audiotechnik V4-D

Mã SP: V4-D | (0 đánh giá)
Thương hiệu: Vue Audiotechnik | VUE AUDIO
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VUEDrive Systems Engines ship with SystemVUE networking capabilities already onboard. There’s no need for additional cards or retrofitting. The SystemVUE network connects any VUE DSP-enabled product to a  Mac or Windows computer via a wired or wireless Ethernet connection. And because SystemVUE networking technology is compatible with standard IP protocols, users simply plug-in, and the product will automatically recognize and connect to virtually any kind of IP configuration, including DHCP based networks, a fixed IP network, or even an ad hoc network (directly connecting to a computer via Ethernet cable). Whatever the configuration, it just works.

Once connected, the companion SystemVUE software allows a user to access any single unit, or entire networks of them, through a highly intuitive user interface. Device and network specific windows make optimizing and monitoring easy, with controls for input/output levels, volume, mute, delay, input source and the ability to monitor a broad list of parameters.


VUEDrive Systems Engines benefit from highly efficient Class D amplifier circuitry, which allows for massive output and headroom from an extremely compact form factor while producing significantly less heat than more conventional designs. This allows the 2U-sized V3, V4, and V6 to deliver impressive amounts of pure, clean power while maintaining a “cool composure” under the most demanding conditions. From there we add a lightweight, fully protected switch mode power supply with auto voltage detection for hassle-free worldwide operation. Self-protection circuitry includes input limiter, short-circuit protection, DC protection of output, under and over voltage protection, intelligent mains fuse protection, power stage overload protection, and temperature protection of both transformers and heat-sinks.
The V4 Systems Engine is a 2-in/4-out configuration that supplies an impressive two channels at 1600W for the low-frequency, and an additional two channels at 550W for the high frequency. The 2-in/6-out V6 Systems Engine retains the v4’s svelte 2U chassis but adds two more amplifier channels. V6 output includes two channels at 2500W for the low-frequency, two at 800 W for the mid frequencies, and two at 800W for the high frequencies. The V6 can also be software configured to provide four channels at 2,500 watts for specialized applications. The new V3 designed for use with the al-12 system features 1-in/ 3-out channels, providing 1600 watts sine wave or 4000 watts burst for each of the low and mid frequency channels, and 500 watts sine wave / 1000 watts burst for the high frequencies.

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