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Loa Alea-4

Mã SP: Alea-4 | (0 đánh giá)
Thương hiệu: Voice Acoustic | Loa Active
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Liên hệ

The aesthetic design of the Voice-Acoustic Alea-4 compact loudspeaker captivates with its high level of efficiency and linear frequency response, all packed into the smallest box dimensions. It is perfectly suited to various sound reinforcement applications, as a main or fill system. Its compact appearance allows it to be integrated into just about every stage scene. The stable swivel bracket guarantees exact alignment with the listener arena and a secure stand on stage or in fix mounting on trusses.

For permanent installations, the Alea-4 can be mounted on walls and ceilings with the swivel bracket, and expertly aligned. There is also an elegantly concealed mounting option without the bracket. The back cover plate of the loudspeaker is recessed into the box, giving a cavity behind which space is available for a wall mount and Phoenix connection terminals. The loudspeakers can be mounted on a small wall mount corner plate and secured with an inauspicious grub screw.

The box housing covers the mount and none of the mechanical parts or the mount is then visible. This fixation option is also possible for ceiling mounts, making it ideal for example in Dolby Atmos installations.

Creative designers can take full advantage of artistic elements. Speakers are not only available in all RAL and effect colors, but also offered in custom multi-color – two or three colors (according to customer wish).

The multiplex wood casing, the honeycomb front grille and the decorative stainless steel ring on the baffle board can be each ordered in different colors. Gold and chromium plating are also offered for the grille and ring – the ring can also be ennobled with Swarovski crystals (certified). Fancy customer wishes or corporate identity design can even be delivery with short delivery times.

The next generation lightweight 4" neodymium wideband transducer is water resistant. The Alea-4 can also be utilized in high moisture areas and even temporary exposure to rain. Connection is achieved with two Neutrik Speakons in addition to a parallel 4 pole Phoenix contact connector.

For long-term outdoor installation, the speakers can be connected via the Phoenix contact terminal and permanently sealed from the rear side with a cover plate (only possible with the clip mount, not with the flush mount).

This palette of technical and creative possibilities affords the Alea-4 its image as a professional and universal mini sound system. The addition of a subwoofer will elevate it to a compact and light weight Mini-PA.

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Công suất:
    30 W
  • Trở kháng:
    16 ohm
  • Cường độ phát âm cực đại:
    113 dB SPL
  • Độ nhạy (1w @ 1m):
    92 dB SPL
  • Tần số đáp tuyến:
    178 Hz - 19,5 kHz (- 10 dB)
  • Góc phủ âm (Ngang x Dọc):
    70° x 70°
  • Kích thước:
    134 (H) x 134 (W) x 150 mm (S)
  • Trọng lượng:
    1,4 kg
  • Đổi trả:
    MIỄN PHÍ trong 15 ngày lỗi SX