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Loa sub is-12AU

Mã SP: is-12AU | (0 đánh giá)
Thương hiệu: Vue Audiotechnik | Loa Subwoofer
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Liên hệ

i-Class systems are designed for AV contractors seeking a high-performance alternative to plastic box loudspeakers. By combining professional-grade components and rugged wood enclosures, I Class models deliver sonic performance that far exceeds their competition.

For systems requiring greater LF extension, the is-12 and is-12AU vented subwoofers offers are the perfect companions for the i-Class full-range models. Both subwoofers utilize professional-grade drivers that incorporate large voice coils for increased power handling and decreased power compression. Optimally tuned ports work in concert with the direct radiating driver to achieve a perfect balance of impact and definition.

The is-12AU adds on-board 400 watts of class H amplification. The integrated DSP based front end provides amplifier limiting protection and a variable 80 to 200 Hz low pass. A variable, 18 dB per octave high-pass output allows easy satellite integration, while a phase switch ensures LF alignment. Large heat-sink surface and efficient amplifier design eliminate the need for noisy cooling fans.

Both models feature robust, multi-ply wood enclosures with a rugged industrial-grade coating. The cabinet front features a protective steel grill with a water resistant powder coating.

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Công suất:
    400 watts
  • Thương hiệu:
    vue audiotechnik
  • Mã:
  • Kích thước:
    18.89 x 13.98 x 17.72 in (480 x 355 x 450 mm)
  • Khối lượng:
    50.9 lbs (23.09 kg)
  • Tần số đáp tuyến :
    45 – 200 Hz
  • Độ nhạy:
    96 dB
  • SPL:
    121 dB SPL