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Loa TENNAX Powerstick-6

Mã SP: Powerstick-6 | (0 đánh giá)
Thương hiệu: TENNAX | TENNAX Audiotechnik
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The Powerstick-6 is a 4 x 6.5" / 1 x 1" column format loudspeaker.

The slim design makes it very unobtrusive for its high performance class and integrates discreetly into any environment. The beautifully curved grille and the slightly trapezoidal housing, without interruption of the side line by handles, emphasize the elegant appearance.

The passive linearization allows operation with any power amplifier without additional DSP filtering. The asymmetrically radiating tweeter horn and the coupling of the 6.5" chassis with each other, with the resulting vertical bundling of the sound energy, guarantees a high range over the entire frequency range. The Powerstick-6 achieves excellent intelligibility even in acoustically difficult rooms. A very powerful 1" driver is used in the high frequency range, which, with its low distortion and resonance, keeps up very well with the sound pressure of the four midrange drivers without becoming strained or obtrusive at higher volumes. The Powerstick-6 has powerful low-mids and sounds very natural and finely resolving and meets even the highest demands.

The performance of the Powerstick-6 is comparable to a very good 12" top, but with advantages in range and the visually appealing, slim design.

The dual-tilt high stand flange allows the speaker to be tilted with 0° and 5° positions.

For good handling in mobile use, there are two generously sized handles on the back. The optionally available carrying bag is the ideal accessory for easy transport and protects against signs of wear.

Various threaded points, U and C swivel brackets, and wall brackets are available for flight operation or mounting in installations. A safety point allows a single stud with safety rope to be clicked into place for the prescribed secondary safety.


  • Plug&Play passive to any suitable amplifier, even without DSP.
  • Plug&Play on the TENNAX self-powered Subwoofern (Combi-Sets).
  • Plug&Play on Powersoft amplifiers with ready-to-use presets for Armonia Plus software.
  • About the TENNAX (AllDSP) 19“ DSP-Controller with any suitable amplifier. Filter values are already set, limiter values can be adjusted by yourself (Limiter preset to 32 dB amp gain).

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Mã sản phẩm:
  • Dòng sản phẩm:
  • Kiểu Dáng:
  • Công suất:
    500 W / 1.000 W / 2.000 W
  • Trở kháng:
    4 ohm
  • Cường độ phát âm cực đại:
    123 dB SPL / 126 dB SPL / 129 dB SPL
  • Độ nhạy (1w @ 1m):
    96 dB SPL
  • Tần số đáp tuyến:
    70 Hz - 22 kHz (- 10 dB)
  • Góc phủ âm (Ngang x Dọc):
    asymmetric 100° to 50° x 55°
  • Kích thước:
    985 (H) × 220 (W) × 338 mm (D)
  • Trọng lượng:
    24,6 kg
  • Đổi trả:
    MIỄN PHÍ trong 15 ngày lỗi SX