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Loa Vue Audiotechnik h-8

Mã SP: h-8 | (0 đánh giá)
Thương hiệu: Vue Audiotechnik | VUE AUDIO
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The two-way h-8 brings the pristine sound quality and versatility of the larger h-12 and h-15 systems to a compact package ideal for applications where space is at a premium and the exceptional output-to-size ratio is critical.

Surprisingly compact and lightweight, the h-8 combines an 8-inch LF transducer with a 1-inch exit compression driver that features a Truextent® beryllium diaphragm at its core. Beryllium technology allows the compression driver to deliver dramatic improvements in HF extension and response linearity that simply cannot be matched by traditional aluminum or titanium designs. The beryllium compression driver is mounted to a precision horn with 100 degrees (H) by 50 degrees (V) coverage.

The h-8 is fitted with a 2-channel, high-efficiency power amplifier that provides ample power for both transducers while eliminating the need for noisy cooling fans. A lightweight, fully protected switch mode power supply with auto voltage detection provides hassle-free worldwide operation with universal mains operation for 120V and 230V.

Sophisticated onboard DSP and networking capabilities come courtesy of the same 64-bit digital processor found inside the h-12 and h-15 systems. This powerful processor handles all EQ, time alignment, crossover management, and speaker protection, as well as SystemVUE network control and monitoring functions.

Versatile Enclosure

The h-Class cabinets are intended to raise the standard for quality and attention to detail. Like the larger h-Class models, the h-8 grill and handle bezels are coated with a two-part finish that lays a transparent candy-apple red coating over a base coat of black. The durable finish has a deep red hue that’s uniquely attractive while remaining entirely unobtrusive. The heavy aluminum rear panel is both functional and visually impactful, with the “VUE” logo machined directly into the heat-sink fins.

All h-Class enclosures are manufactured to the strictest ISO standards, using multi-ply, cross-grain laminated birch with extensive interior bracing for resonant-free output. The h-8 features a pole mount, integrated hanging points, and optional rigging hardware for easy deployment as a main system, within multi-cabinet arrays, or in a variety of support configurations. A rugged, polyurethane finish ensures years of on-the-road service. The h-class finish is both environmentally friendly (with zero VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds) emitted during manufacture and chemical and moisture resistant.

“VUE h-8s are the only near field monitors that seamlessly translate my mix into concert PAs… I love these monitors!”

-Kyle Hamilton, 2019 FOH Engineer of the Year for Janet Jackson

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Mã sản phẩm:
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  • Loại sản phẩm:
    Loa Full Range
  • Cường độ phát âm cực đại:
    122 dB SPL
  • Độ nhạy (1w @ 1m):
    94 dB SPL
  • Tần số đáp tuyến:
    75 Hz to 21 kHz
  • Kích thước:
    18.11 x 11.26 x 11.93 in (460 x 286 x 303 mm)
  • Trọng lượng:
    Net: 43.1 lbs (19.54 kg) / Shipped: 51.2 lbs (23.22 kg)
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